The west lake longjing tea

West lake longjing tea, green tea, one of China top ten famous tea.Produced in zhejiang hangzhou west lake longjing hills around the village.With more than 1200 years history.The west lake longjing, named after the deep from China hangzhou west lake longjing tea area.To the west lake than west, never brew is like the wind.Longjing is a place name, or the name of springs and tea.Tea has the “four unique” : color green, aromas, taste, shape beauty.Super west lake longjing tea flat straight, smooth colour and lustre is pale green sleek, aroma fresh lofty, taste fresh glycol, and tender leaves a flower.Tomb-sweeping day before fuel longjing tea “remarkably longjing, laudatory name her daughter red,” for court prescribed by ritual law west laugh, remarkably longjing daughters red.”This beautiful sentence poem, is one of the great photo of the west lake longjing tea.Collection of famous mountains, acquainting, Los Angeles, name spring and tea at an organic whole, make a cup of longjing tea, drink the rarely seen is the unique and outstanding longjing tea culture.Qing qianlong visited hangzhou west lake, west lake longjing tea, the lion peak mountain immortal temple gate of 18 tea tree as “imperial tea”.The west lake longjing according to the shape and endoplasmic optimal time in grade 1 ~ 8.

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