Lushan mist tea

Lushan clouds is the han nationality traditional tea, tea is one of the famous tea series in China, belongs to one of the green tea.After the first is a kind of wild tea, donglin temple monk hui yuan, will be transformed wild tea home to tea.Began in the han dynasty, song dynasty as “tribute tea”.Because of made in China’s jiangxi jiujiang lushan the name.Buds fat profits in many blessings, compact cords, fragrance lasting, fresh taste mellow sweet, tang clear and bright, green leaves YunJi.Six unique “is often used to describe the lushan mist tea, namely” the thick leaves, green milli, looked bright, Ye Nen YunJi, fragrance is still persistent, mellow taste sweet “.Lushan cool mist tea flavor is unique, due to the foggy weather and direct sunlight conditions, such as short time, form laid thick, more blessings, alcohol GanNai bubble.
Brewing methods
A, the proportion of tea and water, and roughly in 1:50 150 ml of water, with about 3 grams of dried tea.2, is 85 degrees (cooling) water to boil a little, so bubble tea, to tang bright, mellow taste sweet.Three, tea just the right amount of cases, the number of brewing shoulds not be more than three times, a soluble substances leaching by about 50%;Secondary leaching by about 30%;Three times, leaching by about 10%.Article 4, because of lushan mist tea appearance “lean”, brew using “the law”.That will be 85 degrees of boiling water into the cup first, then take tea.If using the glass, you will see: some tea linear sinking, some tea slow down, some laid from top to bottom ups and downs, stretch, this process, known as “tea”.Before long, dry tea sufficient moisture absorption, unfolding leaf and a bud leaf, appeared with tea and noodles in soup water vapor continuously rising.
in general, lushan clouds of high concentrations of tea to choose big belly brewing, the brew can avoid too thick.Especially in ceramic POTS, recommended advisable (remember that it is best not to when we make tea in the lid to death, may bring the tea frowsty bad, frowsty bad here refers to the deviation on the taste and aroma.).Brew lushan mist tea weight about 20% of the pot body.

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