Dongting “biluochun” tea

According to the record, “biluochun” tea as early as the sui and tang dynasties famous, there are thousands of history.Legend, the qing emperor kangxi southern suzhou called “” biluochun” “.Due to the unique geographical environment of dongting, the four seasons flowers, tea tree and fruit trees and intercroption, so “biluochun” tea with special fragrance of flowers.”Biluochun” in wuxian, jiangsu province of taihu lake in east and west dongting mountain fruit tea is the best.Article “biluochun” the cable tight knot, curled up like a snail, edge on a uniform layer of white fluff.Bubble is in water, the cup is like dancing snowflakes, slowly stretch into a bud leaf.Tang green, elegant taste, made.
Taste the senior “biluochun” have interest quite.Drinking, will use the clean and transparent glass, put boiling water after tea first.Or use boiling water of 70 ~ 80 ° c.When the “biluochun” into the cup, the tea tanked, transient time “white clouds rolling, snow”, faint scent attacks.Concept of tea in the cup, its shape, can enjoy like xuelang jet beads, spring cup bottom, green with three wonders of crystal palace.Drink its flavour, head action color light, fragrant, fresh elegant;The second action emerald green, fragrant, green;Three action the sweet, sweet depressive, clear water, is really expensive such as Jane, as senior arts and crafts, rare.

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