MengEr tea

MengEr tea produced in hunan xinhua serve MengEr rushed home.Length and buds, the finished product size uniform, buds like golden yellow, outer pekoe revealed complete, and solid, buds appearance is like needles of a root.MengEr tea has a long history, has the production, the famous tang dynasty.Princess wencheng married MengEr tea when they choose to take the Tibet.When the back rest has been listed as a tribute tea, after successive phase.All made out of bud head, tea with them, bright color;Orange aroma gao, rinsing, taste glycol.Although for a long time and its taste the same.Brew can see spikes from bright apricot tea needles sticking up, a few times after dancing, reunited at the bottom of the cup.Its high demand for fuel, such as time can only pick the leaves in 7 to 10 days before and after the ching Ming festival, also provides for nine cases can’t pick, namely, rain, wind and frost days, insect injury, thin, curved, hollow, buds open, buds purple, not size, etc.Tea after fine tight hook curved shape, colour and lustre is green, pekoe revealed, looked clear, lasting elegant smell, taste mellow fresh, tender and bright leaves, and brew the buds floating in the cup on the sink, is like concealed.MengEr tea different preparation methods are divided into: black tea have MengEr red of plain, white tea has MengEr bud maojian tea tea, green tea has MengEr YueYa, MengEr space of tea, chisel rock tea, chisel words rock maojian tea have MengEr silver needle tea, yellow tea, black tea, such as river chip.MengEr tea produced in an altitude of 1800 meters high ShenShan District xuefeng mountains – hunan xinhua MengEr rushed home mountain.Here due to the high mountain valley deep, like a cloud sea, stream springs humidity is big, blotting out the sun can rock cliffs slope steep, bamboo green, soil deep, fertile, fertilizing whole is given priority to with organic fertilizer (farm manure and rapeseed), day and night temperature difference is bigger, fresh air wind run, without any pollution.In such unique natural environment, all the day long tea mountain fog, and leaf juice fertilizer, durable resistant foam.More strange is the during of tea plucking here ma orchid blooming season, the flowers of edify, make a MengEr tea fragrance, all the more unique flavor.According to the basic characteristics of tea tree growth, more than all previous dynasties famous tea produced in the mountains of the yunwu mountains area, professor Chen rafter explicitly pointed out in the “China famous tea research anthology tea must have superior geographical conditions, the so-called” high mountain tea “, and to define the mountain as the 500-2000 meters above sea level height.In home town is located in the middle xuefeng mountains, is a typical mountainous landscape, lush trees, the land fertile.Has brought home, the country shuanglin, ball, etc on the river coast three district, 500-1400 meters above sea level, annual average temperature of 20 to 22 degrees, relative humidity above 80%, short sunshine, abundant rainfall, warm in winter and cool in summer, all the year round cloud and mist diffuses, based on the characteristics of the growth of tea tree and shade hygrophilous very suitable tea tree growth, and clearly recorded in the history of what the home of the Ming and qing dynasties era “MengEr tea” are that serve the unique geographical environment, has produced in the home of tea quality superiority.

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