Types of tea

There are as many as hundreds of modern Chinese famous tea, according to the historical analysis, the following three conditions: Jin Song eyebrow Mr. Jin One thousand yuan a part of her tea is a traditional tea, such as MengEr tea, west lake longjing, YingShan cloud, lushan clouds, dongting “biluochun” tea, huangshan maofeng tea, taiping monkey chief, enshi high curative value, xinyang maojian tea, luan GuaPian, tunxi Jane eyebrow, old bamboo is natural, GuiPing xishan, junshan island, silver needle tea, yunnan puer tea, pale, the six fort tea, politics and silver needle, white peony, anxi tieguanyin, phoenix narcissus, northern narcissus, the wuyi rock tea, tea qimen county black tea, wudang road, the ancient zhangs maojian tea, guangdong mountain dragon tea, etc.The other part is to restore the historical famous tea, that is to say, had this kind of famous tea in history, then failed to continue production or already lost, through research and innovation, to restore the original tea name.Such as going to tea, eight river chip, unscrew the ROM, ChongXi HuoQing, JingTing green snow, jiu hua maofeng tea, tea Ceng Houyin sword, han liu, turtle rock green tea, tea mengding dew, cacti, tianchi mingyuan, cloud set, qingcheng mountain snow bud, the male snow of mengding yellow bud, bud, deer park maojian tea, huoshan yellow bud, Gu Zhuzi bamboo shoots, jingshan tea, maofeng tea, yandang mountain, snow bud, gold medal mephentermine, Jin Huaju rocks, yue mei xiang, dongyang east the raw tea, white and so on.And most belong to the new tea, such as wuyuan tea brow, MengEr YueYa cloud, tea, tea made yuhua district nanjing MengEr space, maojian tea tea, xuefeng zen tea tea, wuxi, maoshan qingfeng-xiangguang fracture, jintan sparrow tongue, sky column sword, ice dew, YueXi cui LAN, JiShan cui eyebrow, fu hongshan dragon, silvery, linhai PAM, thousand island jade leaf, the local silver monkey, DouYun maojian tea, takahashi silver peak, the goldwater cui feng, yongchuan show bud, shangrao bridled, mai Jiang Cui piece, we pine needles, zunyi maofeng tea, filled with green tea, emei maofeng tea, Snow White bud, fruit, sendai, early white tip of black tea, golden marble, qinba cloud mist, han river silver spindle, the eight immortals, south waxy pekoe, wuzi fairy fine long hair, and so on.The fourth is natural nutrition health care tea, such as edible protein mulberry leaf tea.

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